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If you have failed to sell your car on your own or weren’t satisfied with the price offered to you, then you might be needing the help of a professional car dealer. Asking someone for help in selling your car might be the easiest way to do things, especially when you have no experience with it. There’s a lot of things to be done, evaluated and processed in order to have a successful car sale. If you missed some important details, you might lose some money and bring you into some trouble.

find car dealersA car dealer will be the one to take all the hassle in selling your car. The car dealers Greenhills Beach will be responsible for providing you a quote for a reasonable price to ensure you get an appropriate value for it.

Car Dealers Greenhills Beach

Now your question is, how to find the best car dealer in Greenhills Beach? Then we have the answer for you. We have dealers on our list that will help you sell your old car, as long as it’s year model 2000 or newer and in fair to good condition. The has been in the business for many long years, so selling your car will be so easy. They will give you the most reasonable and realistic price for your valued car.

find a car dealerUsed car dealers are more particular with the car’s condition. It is important for them to know its actual status to avoid, if possible, immediate maintenance after the purchase. They know how and where to check the used car to know whether it needs a lot of repair, it has been flooded etc.

We know how hard it is to find the most reliable car dealers today, and so we make it easier for you. Here we provide you the car dealers we have worked with for many years. You don’t need to go through a lot of processes of searching, advertising etc., to sell your car. We will make it easy for you.

What you had to do is simply fill-up the form found at the right side of this page and we will be contacting you shortly. We just ask you to be honest with the details and be realistic with your expectations. Never worry about the amount you will receive. It is the car dealership’s job to make you secure with every transaction you had with us and make it a positive experience for you. We assure you that our dealers are professionals and licensed. We know how important it is to provide good service to our customers, and so we always aim to give the best service that we can offer you.

You must know your rights as a car seller, at, we make sure that you are protected and contented with the deal. We love our business and so we will protect the customers that make it alive. Our services have been tested for years in the business and made several changes to give the best service to our customers.

Are you now excited to deal with our car dealers Greenhills Beach? Then register now, let’s talk and sell your car.

Toyota 86 Review (Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S)

The 86 is a pure budget sportscar, so if you want to be classy but don’t have a very big budget then this could be the car for you. It’s a looker, and a head turner. It has looks like a proper sports car: vaguely phallic, with a hint of approachability. The interior is really a sportscar: many racy fonts, tactile plastics and sculpted seats. It’s pleasant in the eye and won’t age too soon. The rimless rearview mirror is pretty cool, too. When driving it, you won’t be dismayed; you’ll certainly have all the excitement. Its 2.0-litre Boxer engine pumps out a relatively meagre 197 bhp, but that’s enough to get you going at a fair lick. You can also easily play with the back end if you’re that way inclined.

Nissan Pulsar

The Nissan Pulsar has always sold well in Australia, because of its performance on the road. This sedan car is suitable for someone on a budget who wants a reliable, practical, economical and well specified car. If you want speed, this car is powered by 140kw/240Nm matched with a six-speed manual. If you have a big family, the new model of Pulsar has five seats with a full safety suite and an engine that will sip minimal fuel while delivering respectable performance. Nissan says the CVT equipped Pulsar consumes as little as 6.7-litres/100km – that’s a huge save in your fuel expenses. Pulsar’s comprehensive audio system remains one of the best in its segment, this includes bonuses like the Bluetooth and multi-media connectivity. We can say that the Nissan Pulsar has the looks and has enough space inside and very well specified.

The Volvo V40

If you want an SUV and an off-road car, then you can have it both with the Volvo V40. The interior is classy and beautifully presented premium cabin. You can enjoy the leather steering wheel, leather seats, seven-inch touch screen, sat-nav and Bluetooth to power door mirrors, 18-inch alloy wheels, adaptive
headlights, climate control, electric driver’s seat with memory, rear parking sensors and camera, rain sensing wipers with tunnel detection and front tread plates. What else would you want for a classy and Cross Country Car? This car can be considered along with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and BMW 1 Series. And if you have that extra money for its extra features, then this car is for you.

Tesla Model S

Looking for an electric classy sportscar? Try Tesla Model S. Tesla has ingeniously integrated the battery pack into the completely flat floorpan when you look at the core structure of the car. The large electric motor is located neatly at the rear and is available with a choice of two power outputs. It has three types of battery pack that is available for three levels of driving range (260km, 370km, 500km).The Tesla Model S looks small but it feels so massive inside. The boot (894 litres) is larger than that of many SUVs. This Model S passes US crash test requirements but is yet to be tested by Euro NCAP. The company believes they will have a five-star safety rating based on internal testing they conducted. It has eight airbags (two front, two knee, two side and two curtains) and its stability control are standard. When it accelerates, it goes like a V8 AMG Mercedes. The Tesla Model S runs like it could run forever.

Mitsubishi Outlander SUV 2013

The outlander now at its 3 generation, has an impressive new looks. This SUV is designed for a big family with 5 seats and extra 2 seats located at the boot. The boot space is pretty decent and huge as well even when you used the extra seats. You’ll have plenty of leg room and head room. The features involved cruise control, USB connectivity, climate control as well as Bluetooth, SAT NAV and reverse parking camera. The 4-wheel drive car is satisfying and protects you with its city crush prevention, lane departure warning system as well as adaptive cruise control. Hill-stop assist is also installed in case you need a full stop. This SUV is fuel efficient and cheaper to buy.

Hyundai i40 Diesel 2013

The i40 Diesel is a pretty decent car, with a design and interior that makes it looks like a more expensive car. It is very fuel efficient car allowing you to reach 100 kilometers by just consuming 5.6 liters of diesel. All models is packed with vehicle stability management, electronic stability control, traction control, ABS brakes, hill stop assist and an emergency stop assist system. Not just that, it has a 5 star NCAP rating, giving you assurance of your safety on the road. It has a pretty decent space for its passengers and a huge space at the boot for your luggage. What makes it lovely is its price, it’s very reasonable considering all the specs and features it offers.

Chery J1

The very first Chinese made city car in Australia which is very economic in terms of its price for only $12,000! As expected to a cheap car, it has many flaws, the car is shaky, creates a bit loud engine noise, no leg room even in the driver seat, and the interior is a bit cheap. But, if you want some a very affordable car then J1 has that price. The Chery car company will soon be releasing new versions of this car, let’s expect more refined, well designed and still very affordable car.

Chrysler 300C saloon

The new Chrysler 300C has more understated look. It has better interior which looks more luxurious. It has good containers for your food and drinks. In terms of spec you’ll have reverse camera, wider screen, and it has a good safety rating (over 6 safety features) securing you and your passengers. It has adaptive cruise control, blind spot awareness, hill stop assist, and ready alert breaking. The ready alert-breaking sense the cars, people or anything in front of the car. The seat and the steering wheel is adjustable and just pushing a button the seat returns to the position you have set. It’s more relaxing car to drive because of its better insulation inside. Uneven road surface is no problem, since its suspension is very well adjusted and designed. It has speed but the transmission is a bit slow that can be frustrating. This car is equipped with helpful features for safety on the road and looks classy as well.

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