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We are looking for a car for sale Allambie Heights! We are buying car models from year 2000 and newer: cars that are still in fair to good condition and still look fine. Are you looking for a buyer for your car? Then it’s timely, we have been looking for you all this time. Give us your data – necessary information about your car, and we’ll give you a reasonable price, then we make the deal. Easy as that!

car buyersYes, we know you want an easy sale, a deal that won’t give you a hard time. We want it quick also, and we know you want fast cash for the car you have for sale! When we produce happy customers, they come back. So it’s in our interest to give you a reasonable deal. Our aim is to make the sale process as convenient as possible without removing its reliability and quality.

We know you hate long processes. We hate that as well. So, why go for a stressful sale when you can make it very convenient? At we remove the long unnecessary steps, we are direct to the point – no advertising fees for you, no waiting for buyers to call you, so haggling. Let’s go directly to the deal.

This method works for us and we make a lot of great deals. Our customers are satisfied and never hesitate to come back and make another deal. We made every deal easy and convenient. Building trust is our day to day goal. Making you feel secure and satisfied will keep our business alive. We want loyal customers and so we offer the best price we can.

You’ve got a great car! Let’s talk about it, just a few simple pieces of information about your car you have for sale for us to give a good price.

 Car for SaleSo how long has been your car for sale? Just decided to sell today? Or have you been trying to get a buyer for a while? Had a few offers but haven’t got the right price from a car dealer yet? Then you come at the right place. We have the most trustworthy car dealer servicing Allambie Heights and the surrounding area. Contact us right now by giving us your details in the form on the right hand side of this page. You may be pleasantly surprised by the price our dealer will offer when they call you back – probably today or tomorrow if it’s outside of business hours right now.

Now what are you waiting for? Fill in your details now at the right side of this page, and we will contact you shortly. We will be happy to talk to you, give you an honest and reasonable price then close the deal.

You may have past experiences with car dealers who made you feel dissatisfied; you were given a very low price or felt pressured to sell it cheap, but we assure you that with our dealers, you’ll be satisfied and secure. No pressure, no hassle, no tricks. Just a pure honest deal. Input your information into the form now! Consider your car you have for sale sold!

Hyundai i30 Review (Hyundai i30 SR) Car for Sale

The bottom line on the Hyundai i30 SR? It is “A warm hatch with a nice price”. Hyundai have created an excellent i30 hatchback with a sporty ‘SR’ model. It is unique to Australia for the moment. The i30 is quickly closing in on Volkswagen’s class-leading Golf. Other SRs will follow, but none is likely to benefit from the 1.6-litre turbo engine in the model that introduced the badge to Australia, the Veloster SR, despite the potential for a truly hot hatch. The interiors are fair enough with much needed features that makes the drive comfortable. It’s a good choice.

Nissan Qashqai for Sale

The new Nissan Qashqai shows a huge range of clever in-car technology, some impressively economical petrol and diesel engines and a choice of manual or Xtronic automatic gearboxes. It has a very good interior quality as it gets into what is now a crowded crossover class. They improve and extended the dimensions, space and practicality inside. The Nissan boasts the 7-seat Qashqai +2 model. There’s cleverer tech under the skin too, making sure the new Qashqai is comfortable and secure to drive. One thing is certain: the second-generation Nissan Qashqai looks far more upmarket than the original model. The overall shape is typical crossover, with a raised ride height, roof rails and black plastic trim giving a familiar rugged off-roader look. If you want a family car, with class and economical performance, then try Nissan Qashai now!

The Volvo V40 – Car for Sale Allambie Heights

If you want an SUV and an off-road car, then you can have it both with the Volvo V40. The interior is classy and beautifully presented premium cabin. You can enjoy the leather steering wheel, leather seats, seven-inch touch screen, sat-nav and Bluetooth to power door mirrors, 18-inch alloy wheels, adaptive
headlights, climate control, electric driver’s seat with memory, rear parking sensors and camera, rain sensing wipers with tunnel detection and front tread plates. What else would you want for a classy and Cross Country Car? This car can be considered along with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and BMW 1 Series. And if you have that extra money for its extra features, then this car is for you.

2013 Hyundai Elantra – Car for Sale

If you are for small cars with huge luggage capacity, try the 2013 Hyundai Elantra. It is another one of those small cars that is more mid-size when it comes to interior space and luggage capacity. They created aerodynamic windshield wipers to reduce wind noise and improve its looks. Additional creature comforts include an electric sunroof, electrically-operated driver’s seat, dual-zone climate control, front seat heating; partial leather trim and Bluetooth phone with music streaming rounding out the key features. Honestly speaking, you’ll have a comfy ride, with the Elantra’s soft suspension it deals smoothly with patchwork roads and potholes. The calibrated six-speed automatic transmission is the best possible fuel economy, so there’s always an urgency to climb into sixth gear as quickly as possible – and it goes so relatively smoothly. It got looks too, very eye-catching design, mid-size cabin space and extensive features list make it difficult to ignore in the small car space.

Nissan 370Z – Car for Sale in Allambie Heights

This car is a head turner with its strong muscular style and beautiful curves. The inside looks more classy and sporty at the same time using good quality materials. For a sport car, it has pretty good storage for you gadgets and other materials, conveniently located in corners. The specifications include Bluetooth, zenon, climate control and push button start. Safety is also improved with airbags located front, side and curtained to give you assurance of a safe drive. It has speed on the road while giving you stability on the corners. It’s quite noisy and bumpy but for its speed and designed as well as the economical price you can consider buying this car.

Hyundai i40 Diesel 2013 Car for Sale

The i40 Diesel is a pretty decent car, with a design and interior that makes it looks like a more expensive car. It is very fuel efficient car allowing you to reach 100 kilometers by just consuming 5.6 liters of diesel. All models is packed with vehicle stability management, electronic stability control, traction control, ABS brakes, hill stop assist and an emergency stop assist system. Not just that, it has a 5 star NCAP rating, giving you assurance of your safety on the road. It has a pretty decent space for its passengers and a huge space at the boot for your luggage. What makes it lovely is its price, it’s very reasonable considering all the specs and features it offers.

Ford Focus hatchback – Car for Sale Sydney

The new Focus has been made longer than its predecessors. The leg room is good as well as the head room and when you put down the backseat; it’s flat allowing you to put your luggage and other things with the boot space. The wheels are adjustable giving you comfort while you drive and its handling was pretty good. When you drive along the curves, the Ford Focus gives you ease even with the high-speed ride. The car is very well insulated; you can hardly hear any noise from outside. This car is a good choice with its affordability and quality.

Chrysler 300C Saloon – Car for Sale Allambie Heights

The new Chrysler 300C has more understated look. It has better interior which looks more luxurious. It has good containers for your food and drinks. In terms of spec you’ll have reverse camera, wider screen, and it has a good safety rating (over 6 safety features) securing you and your passengers. It has adaptive cruise control, blind spot awareness, hill stop assist, and ready alert breaking. The ready alert-breaking sense the cars, people or anything in front of the car. The seat and the steering wheel is adjustable and just pushing a button the seat returns to the position you have set. It’s more relaxing car to drive because of its better insulation inside. Uneven road surface is no problem, since its suspension is very well adjusted and designed. It has speed but the transmission is a bit slow that can be frustrating. This car is equipped with helpful features for safety on the road and looks classy as well.

Mitsubishi Mirage – Car Review Allambie Heights

Mitsubishi Mirage is a 2014 five door hatch-back model which falls in the segment of subcompact mini-car. What it offers is value for money, decent mileage and a fairly competent performance package for first time buyers, and is meant for family. It has practical appeal with a fairly good lengthy warranty. It runs on a 3 cylinder engine that is capable of withstanding highway lanes without compromising on fuel inefficiency. The design is good for city strolls and for the regular commute. What buyers need to look for are the two variants. One is DE and the other is ES which most believe is much better option. It comes with all the bells and whistles. To state a few such as climate control, power locks, folding seats, intermittent windshield wipers, audio system with a ported USB etc. Since safety standards too is of the highest concern, the car comes armed with 7 air bags (driver, passenger front and side bags, side curtain bags on the front and rear windows, and also a knee airbag for driver). We can come to the conclusion that this car does the job well as a passenger functional and family oriented four wheeler yet it is affordable and economic vehicle for first time buyers.

Ford Focus for sale in Allambie Heights

Introduced more than ten years ago, the Ford Focus was among the first small cars outside those originating in Japan. Some of the features that contributed to Ford Focus popularity included sharp handling, availability in multiple body styles, expressive styling, and affordable pricing. Since then Ford Focus has shifted from one generation to the other and improved in performance, body finish and fuel efficiency. The current Ford Focus is available as a sedan and four hatchback body designs. The design is eye catching, and the interior is fitted with high quality materials. The car comes in three trim levels the SE, S and titanium with the electric version available in some areas. No matter the trim level you pick the Focus has super fuel economy package. Ford Focus boasts of exquisite interior, supportive seats, a hushed environment with excellent console and electronics.

Volkswagen Golf Allambie Heights Review

If you are in need of a spacious family car, then the Volkswagen Golf will do you a great favor. It is well made to bring comfort and fun when driving. This car is designed for a family with two kids because that will be a perfect fit. Five people are not good enough especially when they are all adults because they will squeeze. Its 1.4-litre TSI engine which uses petrol is capable of developing at least 120bhp, ideal for fuel economy and still produces great performance. There is also an option of choosing Volkswagen Golf that uses diesel but this one develops 103bhp as its engine is 1.6-litre TSI. When it comes to safety, Volkswagen Golf is categorized as fair hence worth it at its affordable value. It does have seven airbags to protect every passenger and of course electronic stability control system. The auspicious look of this car is a breakthrough. It beats its rivals.

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