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Want a quick and reliable cash for your car? Is your car model year 2000 or newer? In fair to good condition? Then you have come to the right place. We offer cash for car Yagoona! At, we don’t offer a car for car trade, we pay cash! Now is your chance to get a cash for your car. Contact us now to know how it works by filling in the form at the right side of this site for our dealership to contact you.

car for cashYou’ve got a great car and we want it! Though we want you to be realistic with your expectations, we will do our best to give you the most reasonable price. We are known for being accurate, straightforward, and sincere in dealing with our customers. We have been in the business for quite a while, and so we make sure that you will have cash for your car Yagoona fast. We don’t want long a process, we want it to be done as fast as possible. We don’t want to waste any of your time.

How about the reliability of the deal? No worries, you are safe and secured with us. We hate tricks, hidden agendas and biased offers. It’s bad for the business and it will lead us to nowhere. So you can be sure, that the cash you will receive for your car is properly thought and is within our database market value price range. We want honest business and we want you to be honest as well. Give us your correct details, about you and your car, so we can give you a firm price for your car. cash for car Yagoona

Get to know our company. TradeCarForCash has been in the business for a long time and had made a lot of car deals and created many contented and happy customers. We don’t earn that much on a single sale because we want the car owner get the most out of the deal. It’s your car, so get the most reasonable value you will get from it. We earn by making the customers happy – that way you will come back to us to make another deal. More happy customers, the more business we will have.

Cash for CarWe don’t give unfair offers. We know how to value a car as much as we value our customers. We take pride in how we take care of our customers. When we give a quote for a car, we make sure it’s realistic and fair to the car owner. But you are never forced to accept it, if it’s not okay with you. The customer always has the right to make your own decision.

The process is simple you give us the details, we give you a quote then you get cash for your car in Yagoona.

Now what are you waiting for? Make cash for your car now. Selling used car has never been this easy. No need for you to contact buyers. No need to make advertisements. No need to wait for too long. No stressful processes. Just contact us and fill-up the form then we give you the quote for your car and if you are okay with it, we will buy your car. That’s way too fast, right? Try us now and know it yourself!

Cash for Holden Ute SSV Redline Utility

This car is quite essentially an Australian ride. If you are into utility cars which appear more of like a sports car, then this Ute is for you. The Redline package offers wider rear tyres. You have options with the wheels, it can be had in black or polished finishes depending on body colour choice. SS-V Redline is a fantastic utility car, with a 1600kg broken tow rating and 632kg payload and standard tray liner. The car stability control still gets a good workout when you really stomp on it. It has now a six speed manual shift, but still a bit clunky given the torque its designed to deal with. The Holden had the guts to make a track-tuned package within a Ute body, and that’s pretty damn cool.
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Cash for Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage is a five door hatch-back model which falls in the segment of subcompact mini-car. It offers great value for money, decent mileage and a fairly competent performance package for first time buyers, and is good for families. The Mirage has practical appeal with a fairly good lengthy warranty. It runs on a 3 cylinder engine with great fuel efficiency. The design is good for running around the city and commuting to and from work. There are two variants. One is DE and the other is ES which most believe is much better option. It comes with all the bells and whistles. Power locks, folding seats, climate control, audio system with ported USB, and intermittent window wipers are included. Since safety standards too is of the highest concern, the car comes armed with 7 air bags (driver, passenger front and side bags, side curtain bags on the front and rear windows, and also a knee airbag for driver). We can conclude that this car is an excellent passenger functional and family oriented car while still being an affordable and economic vehicle for the first time buyer.
cash for Mitsubishi car

Cash for Toyota RAV4 SUV

Toyota’s RAV4, is one of the epic models of the crossover-SUV segment, and it has been overhauled in 2013. Most importantly, the new RAV4 has made significant improvements, and has created a muscular and good-looking option. With its low and expansive rear load floor, the RAV4 excels in utility but regrettably flounders when it comes to sportiness. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder mated to a six-speed automatic is the only power train; front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive is optional. Firmly designed front buckets create lateral and longitudinal support worthy of a sports car. It’s not much fun to drive but you will so appreciate the new infotainment gear. Driving a RAV4 makes you feel powerful on the road. If you like powerful utility cars but has class and style then this car is for you.
cash for car Yagoona

Cash for Ford Fiesta

Of all the cars Ford has ever produced, the Fiesta is one of the best. This super-mini Ford eclipses almost all its rivals due to the sleek look, low costs of running, practical cabin and exquisite driving experience. The Fiesta automatically outdoes many other super-minis in terms of style both on the outside and inside. Features include electric windows, air-conditioning and a standard USB connection. The cabin has a unique look at night with the warm and red-colored lighting. The Focus is fitted decently with soft materials which give it quite some edge ahead of its rivals. Driving is smooth and comfortable due to Ford’s variety of adjustment options that can be made from the steering wheel and the seat. The Ford Fiesta has excellent engine capacity in a variety of sizes including 60bhp and 82bhp versions of the 1.25-litre engine. There is also the 99bhp, three-cylinder, 1-litre EcoBoost which provides a neck-breaking pace while overtaking others leaving them in the dust. The car’s diesel models are even more efficient than the petrol versions. There is either a 94bhp 1.6-litre TDCi or a 74bhp 1.5-litre TDCi. Ford Fiesta has a slick gearshift, great body control, and an electrically assisted weighted power steering. The remarkable suspension allows you to feel only a very minimal effect of potholes and bumps. Wind and any noise are blocked by the interior insulation. You can set the car’s stereo volume, maximum speed and safety aids by use of the MyKey technology to suit inexperienced drivers. Bluetooth and DAB radio are available extras. Ford Fiesta is definitely one of the few exclusive cars when you decide to purchase a super-mini.
cash for Ford car

Cash for Holden Barina

The Holden Barina can definitey give Audi and Ford a run for their money. It is the pinnancle of performance. It is powered by a 1.4 litre 4 cylinder engine and is one of the most popular hatches today. The Barina has a six-speed manual gear box but an automatic version is also available at a higher price. But the best part is that you are actually paying for a 5-door hatch and not a 3-door version of the rivals. The car boasts the revolutionary MyLink System allowing both phone and audio to be controlled by a touch screen. You can use Tune-in radio without much fuss. It offers excellent cabin and boot space with great handling that puts the Barina in a class of its own. With partial leather seats and a quality sterring wheel, you can’t go wrong.
cash for Holden car

Cash for Hyundai Genesis

If you are into luxury cars, wait for the release of the Hyundai Genesis. The new model will be full four-seaters not removing the luxury power of four-cylinderturbo and V6 petrol power plants. The Hyundai Genesis is the luxury car designed to compete with larger German luxury coupes such as the BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It is not clear, however, whether it will reach Australian market in the next two years. Hyundai has made the true motoring enthusiast into wait, as part of their marketing strategy.
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Cash for Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer ranks as one of the elegant and sporty looking cars . It again ranks well as one of the top 40 most affordable cars. Drivers love it. It performs well. Most agree that it has a powerful turbocharged four cylinder engine. The four-cylinder engine gives it power to undertake steep roads at an incredible speed. Seven standard air bags increase its safety score. The Lancer looks and feels expensive because of modern cutting-edge materials and a good interior design. You will find the ride really smooth. Lancer’s cabin is quiet and the seats are spacious and comfortable. It has a larger cargo space than most of its rivals and a nine-speaker touch screen audio system. Being spacious, with great handling, quiet but turbo charged engine, and a sporty look, you will love the Mitsubishi Lancer.
cash for Mitsubishi car

Cash for Volvo V40

If you want an SUV and an off-road car, then you can have it both with the Volvo V40. The interior is classy and beautifully presented premium cabin. You can enjoy the leather steering wheel, leather seats, seven-inch touch screen, sat-nav and Bluetooth to power door mirrors, 18-inch alloy wheels, adaptive headlights, climate control, electric driver’s seat with memory, rear parking sensors and camera, rain sensing wipers with tunnel detection and front tread plates. What else would you want for a classy and Cross Country Car? This car can be considered along with the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and BMW 1 Series. And if you have that extra money for its extra features, then this car is for you.
cash for car Yagoona

Cash for Holden Barina

The Holden Barina gives brands like Ford and even Audi a run for their money. It is one of the most popular hatches on the market today. It has a six-speed manual gear box or you may prefer the automatic version. With the Barina you get a 5 door hatch for the price of the 3-door version of the rivals. The Barina also has the great MyLink System allowing audio and phone to be touch screen controlled. You can use Tune-in radio without much fuss. It offers a good cabin and boot space with great handling that will put other cars to shame. With partial leather seats and a quality sterring wheel, you can’t go wrong.
cash for Holden Barina

Cash for Subaru XV SUV

If you want an SUV which can carry the whole family, the Subaru XV is just right for you. Its exterior was rigidly styled which makes it a unique SUV form. You will have a lot of space inside for your equipments in the boot and allow you to move down your back seat for more space; you can’t imagine how much equipment you can carry with this car. Safety is designed for all passengers; it has seven airbags, traction control, ABS, retractable pedals and collapsible steering wheel. It got 5 star rating in the NCAP assuring your family’s safety while you drive. It got pretty good handle when you drive it on the road and much better when off-road, it got permanent 4-wheel drive.
cash for car

Cash for Volkswagen Beetle

Over the years the Volkswagen Beetle design has evolved from a The new Beetle from Volkswagon has changed considerably from the original Beetle of old but still remains a Beetle. Today’s Beetle has a more masculine body that is lower, longer, and wider than its predecessors were. The larger size has provided a more substantial interior, as well as more space in the back. The Beetle comes with two suspension set-ups, using a multilink arrangement, which helps to control body sway. Stability is maintained by the easy to control steering, and the ride is firm.
cash for Volkswagon car

Cash for Nissan 370Z

This car is a head turner with its strong muscular style and beautiful curves. The inside looks more classy and sporty at the same time using good quality materials. For a sport car, it has pretty good storage for you gadgets and other materials, conveniently located in corners. The specifications include Bluetooth, zenon, climate control and push button start. Safety is also improved with airbags located front, side and curtained to give you assurance of a safe drive. It has speed on the road while giving you stability on the corners. It’s quite noisy and bumpy but for its speed and designed as well as the economical price you can consider buying this car.
cash for car Yagoona

Cash for Ford Focus

When Ford introduced the Focus to the market more than ten years back, it was one of the first small cars not made in Japan. Some of the features that contributed to Ford Focus popularity included sharp handling, availability in multiple body styles, expressive styling, and affordable pricing. Since then Ford Focus has shifted from one generation to the next and improved in performance, body finish and fuel efficiency. The current Ford Focus is available as a sedan and four hatchback body designs. The interior is high quality, and the design itself is nothing short of eye catching. No matter the trim level you pick the Focus has super fuel economy package. Ford Focus boasts of exquisite interior, supportive seats, a hushed environment with excellent console and electronics.
cash for Ford Focus

Cash for Chery J1

The very first Chinese made city car in Australia which is very economic in terms of its price for only $12,000! As expected to a cheap car, it has many flaws, the car is shaky, creates a bit loud engine noise, no leg room even in the driver seat, and the interior is a bit cheap. But, if you want some a very affordable car then J1 has that price. The Chery car company will soon be releasing new versions of this car, let�’s expect more refined, well designed and still very affordable car.
cash for car Sydney

Cash for Holden Cruze

Holden Cruze Z Series comes in sedan format while the SRI-Z comes as both sedan and a hatch. Both cars include MyLink Infotainment Sytem as standard, as well as7-inch colour TV, Voice Recognition, parking sensors, reverse camera and leather seats. The SRI-Z also includes satellite navigation, 18-inch alloys, pedal covers and Z-Series floor mats. The Z-Series has a 1.8 litre engine while the SRI-Z has a 1.6l turbochargedengine. The engine comes paired with a six-speed gearbox (manual or automatic). The cars get a tick for superb safety features such as six airbags, stability control, reverse cameras and anti-lock disc brakes. The Holden Cruze offers excellent performance, comfortable interiors and efficient handling that make paying for this car really worth it.
cash for Holden Cruze

Cash for Audi Q3 SUV

The Q3 shows good to classy design and appearance inside. The equipment inside is quite generous too with its climate control, smart phone connectivity, and a color screen as well as satellite navigation, internet connectivity and the stylish panoramic scenery. The bins and boxes for your things are huge in the front even at the rear seat. The back has plenty of room for adult passengers; good leg and head space. The boot space had a decent size for your luggage. The cabin is so well insulated that even at high speed, you can barely hear the noise it made outside, like from the wind, tire or the engine. It handles pretty well too. This car is very desirable, it has no or very little bad point. It’s worth the price.
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Cash for Ford Mondeo – the Family Car

If someone is looking for a family car then the best choice will be to buy a Ford Mondeo, a perfect family car. Ford Mondeo has seven models in twelve popular colours and every model speaks about its style, space, technology, safety and classic interior design. The Mondeo has excellent fuel mileage . There are many cars available that give good fuel consumption but there may be some drawbacks, either they have no look or may be costly to buy. Safety is essential when buying a car. Ford Mondeo has advanced safety technology, including adapative cruise control, collapsible steering and airbags. Safety is the main motto of Ford Mondeo.
cash for Ford Mondeo

Cash for Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a rigid pick-up which is tough and reliable, unlike the soft SUV which is designed for comfort this car is a proper off-roader. It has a decent interior too for a pick-up truck. It has leather seats, Bluetooth for your phone, parking sensors, and climate control. Storage for your things are also plenty. It has switchable 4-wheel drive and competent suspension for rough roads. It is very good as well on a pretty road too, just like a normal car. It’s quite noisy on high speed and harder to park on a busy parking lot because of its size; telling us it’s really designed for an off-road. It’s a practical and competitive car. It can be a great choice.
cash for car Yagoona

Cash for Holden Malibu

Holden Malibu is a great family car. The Malibu has two trim levels – CD and CDX. The Malibu CD consists of 17 inch alloy wheels and automatic head lamps. It also has electric park brakes and powered adjustable seats. Additional special feature is the 7 inch color touch screenproviding access to music and satellite applications. The Malibu CDX has slighter larger 18 inch wheels. It also has a dual zone climate control with LED rear lights. The engine will be either a 2.0 litre turbo diesel or 2.4 litre petrol engine. Holden Malibu is designed by expert engineers for reduced noise on the road. The leather covered seats and soft interior enhance comfort inside the Holden Malibu. Many buyers love the sensor key and push button starter. Rear part assist and a reversing camera simply parking. The six air bags and brake assist enhance safety. The huge boot provides ample storage space. This car is highly recommended for high levels of safety and comfort while driving.
cash for Holden Malibu

Cash for Citroen DS3 Cabrio (Convertible) 2013

If you are a convertible car lover, you must try the DS3 Cabrio. This small car has some decent looks outside and futuristic interiors featuring shiny surfaces and well placed buttons. It’s a fuel efficient car returning 57.6 miles in a gallon of petrol and just a 112 grams of CO2 converted. It has a good handling features which is very evident on the curves. The car will allow you to run as high as 75 miles per hour even when the roof is down; allowing you to enjoy the weather while at top speed. Though it’s handling is great it’s not as good as a Mini Coupe and there is no storage for your stuff inside. And because it’s a tiny car, the passenger at the back has no enough space to be comfortable on the ride. The other downside is that the opening of the boot is so small that it won’t let you large luggage to enter. However, the boot is bigger than any other convertible, and the two seats at the back is better than none. The convertible is competitive in the market.
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Cash for Volkswagen Golf

If you are in need of a spacious family car, then the Volkswagen Golf will do you a great favor. It is well made to bring comfort and fun when driving. The Golf is designed for a family with two kids because that will be a perfect fit. Five people are not good enough especially when they are all adults because they will squeeze. The Golf’s 1.4-litre TSI engine which uses petrol is capable of developing at least 120bhp, ideal for fuel economy. The Golf also comes with a diesel engine if that is your preference. When it comes to safety, Volkswagen Golf is categorized as fair, hence worth it at its affordable value. It does have seven airbags to protect every passenger and an electronic stability control system.
cash for Volkswagen Golfr

Cash for 2012 Acura TL

The Acura TL has been one of those luxury cars that competed with the BMW series. It has been a major player since 2004 and even became 2nd most bought luxury sedan next to BMW 3 series. The interior has the form and function unmatched by any car. It has enough storage for your stuff, food and drinks. The rear seat is very roomy. It has enough leg room, shoulder room and head room, making it very comfortable for any passengers. One downside of this car is its boot space. It is a bit small and the rear seat can’t be folded to increase its size. The car runs smooth and fast, and it handles very well. The steering is quick and can easily be controlled even at high speed. For a reasonable price for a sedan, this car is a great bargain.
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