We Buy Any Car Millers Point

From years of experience in the industry, we have been able to hear thoughts from different people when developing our business model – we buy any car year model 2000 and newer. We listened to good and bad car sellers’ experiences. They shared with us what they expect and what they don’t expect, what frustrates them and the things that matter most to them when selling their car. These customers just want to receive a reasonable and guaranteed price for their car, and to receive it quickly.

We Buy Any Car Millers Point

buyer of any carFrom this, we were able to adjust and create a system that most likely will find favour with most of our customers. What makes Trade Car for Cash unique is that our dealerships buy any car of year model 2000 or  newer. So if you have such a car in a good running condition, we will give you a fair price for your car.

At TradeCarForCash.net.au, we buy any car. Our dealerships will give you the best price for your car on a cash now basis.

Never worry about the money you will receive. We know how important it is to you to receive a reasonable price. TradeCarForCash.net.au will give you the best offer there could be from any dealer that buys any car for cash. It is our aim to produce more satisfied customers through our service. Yes we may earn a lower profit margin when we re-sell the cars we buy from you, but a happy client will always come back next time to sell another car. Positive feedback is important to us. We buy cars in Millers Point from customers who want a fast and reliable process. We always aim to meet the customers’ expectations.

we buy any carTrade Car for Cash makes it easy for you. Fill out the form on the right side of the page, provide full details of your car, and we do the rest. Just sit back, relax and wait for a call from our dealer. They will be happy to assist you.

buyer of any carOnce we receive your details, our dealer will match those details with prices in their state of the art database of car prices, then call you and offer you a quote. If the price is right for you, we buy your car. Easy! TradeCarForCash.net.au will never force a deal on you.  You will receive an offer but whether you accept it is up to you. You are in charge here. We respect your decision. We just ask that you be realistic in your expectations. You are going to receive payment on the spot for your car, without having to go to the trouble of cleaning it up, advertising it, showing it, and negotiating with perhaps multiple prospective buyers. So you need to be prepared to compromise on price a little, since we take all the problems out of the deal for you.

If you book an appointment with us you will be assisted by our well trained personnel. They will be assisting you with the process involved. Don’t worry, it won’t take much of your time. It’s as easy as writing your name on a paper. We will take care of everything for you. Just give us the complete details about you and your car and we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy huh?


We Buy Any 2013 BMW X3

The X3 is a substantial SUV today, even though there are a lot of SUVs above and below its category. It offers you the versatility of an off-roader while still giving you comfort while you drive. This is a diesel car, without petrol options yet it still gives you both economy and performance. It gives you space in the driver seats, adjustable steering wheel, clear visibility around, and an overall solid cabin interior. It features parking assistance, leather seats, climate control and automatic lights and wipers. Space in the back is wide as well with plenty of leg and head room enough for three people. The boot is nice, big and square which can be extended by folding the rear seats. Though it’s quite expensive it’s a good package for a family SUV.
we buy any car

We Buy Any Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe

The 4C is a statement of content from its once proud company. It uses carbon fiber cutting edge technology to form its body; it shows what the company is capable of and that they rediscover their class. The car is made low and wide to make it more sporty but roomy at the same time. The outside looks is luxurious and very classy; old-styled but modern as well. The exterior is not just for looks, it is design to be aero dynamic to improve its performance on the road. The interior has enough space boot leg and head room is very sufficient. And because the steering wheel is adjustable, it’s easy to be comfortable as you drive. The boot space is enough for some luggage. Though it runs pretty noisy and sometimes uncomfortable, its speed and looks will make everyone you.

we buy any car

We Buy Any 2014 Range Rover Evoque

Looking for a best looking compact SUV with gorgeous interior, very superior handle and ride? Then the Evoque will turn you on. It has a champagne smaller SUV with million-dollar styling but very affordable for ‘middle Australia’. There is no debits in that formula. Land Rover’s smallest luxury car freshly came in for a mid-term revision. The Evoque’s interior was not changed much since its release, but still looks modern and stylish. The front seats are where most people will spend their time, and the Evoque doesn’t disappoint you for a long drive. But the leg-room in the rear isn’t especially generous – those with longer legs may feel a little cramped – but there’s enough room there, if a little snug, for passengers of average size. It features push-button start as well as touch-capacitive interior lights, climate control with air filtration, rear air-vents. It keeps you safe with its hill-start assist and parking sensors. These features are pretty for its price. You might want to check this car and know it yourself.

We Buy Any Holden Ute SSV Redline Utility

This car is quite essentially an Australian ride. If you are into utility cars which appear more of like a sports car, then this Ute is for you. The Redline package offers wider rear tyres. You have options with the wheels, it can be had in black or polished finishes depending on body colour choice. SS-V Redline is a fantastic utility car, with a 1600kg broken tow rating and 632kg payload and standard tray liner. The car stability control still gets a good workout when you really stomp on it. It has now a six speed manual shift, but still a bit clunky given the torque its designed to deal with. The Holden had the guts to make a track-tuned package within a Ute body, and that’s pretty damn cool.
we buy any car Millers Point

We Buy Any Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage 2014 model is a five door hatch-back model which falls squarely with the segment of subcompact mini-car. What it offers is value for money, decent mileage and good performance for first time buyers, and is perfect for families. The Mirage has practical appeal with a reasonable warranty. It runs on a 3 cylinder engine with great fuel efficiency. The design is great for getting to and from work. What buyers need to look for are the two variants. There is the DE and the ES. The ES is the more popular model. It comes with a number of extras. A number of these include folding seats, climate control, power locks and a ported USB audio system. Since safety standards too is of the highest concern, the car comes armed with 7 air bags (driver, passenger front and side bags, side curtain bags on the front and rear windows, and also a knee airbag for driver). We can come to a conclusion that the Mirage is a great passenger functional and family oriented four wheeler yet it is an affordable and economic vehicle for the first time buyer.

We Buy Any 2014 Toyota Hilux

It is the Australia’s best selling workhorse, the Toyota Hilux, has just received a facelift in 2014. It is improved and now has a 5 Star ANCAP, plus a 5 speed automatic option for diesels. This is Toyota’s super popular dual cab diesel fourbie ute, the Hilux SR5 – top of the range with a bunch of new kit to keep the competition honest. You can be sure of its quality since the Toyota HiLux has been Australia’s top-selling workhorse for more than three decades. The Toyota HiLux won’t let you see its age, it is still very marketable and competitive. Loyal buyers won’t consider anything else. If you are considering a HiLux for the first time, it may not be the cheapest ute out there, but it is much cheaper now that Toyota has started to slash the price. And currently, it still has unbeatable resale value.

We Buy Any Hyundai Genesis

If you are into luxury cars, wait for the release of the Hyundai Genesis. The new model will be full four-seaters not removing the luxury power of four-cylinderturbo and V6 petrol power plants. The Hyundai Genesis is the luxury car designed to compete with larger German luxury coupes such as the BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It is not clear, however, whether it will reach Australian market in the next two years. Hyundai has made the true motoring enthusiast into wait, as part of their marketing strategy.

We Buy Any Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is probably one of the best cars that Ford has ever produced. This super-mini Ford eclipses almost all its rivals due to its low running costs, sleek appearance, practical cabin, and unsurpassed driving experience. The Fiesta automatically outdoes many other super-minis in terms of style both on the outside and inside. The car features electric windows, air-conditioning and a standard USB connection. The cabin gets an exemplary feeling at night with the warm and red-colored lighting. The car is fitted decently with soft materials which is superior to many of its rivals. It feels smooth and comfortable driving as a result of Ford’s variety of adjustment options that can be made from the steering wheel and the seat. The Ford Fiesta has excellent engine capacity in a variety of sizes including 60bhp and 82bhp versions of the 1.25-litre engine. It also features the 99bhp, three-cylinder, 1-litre EcoBoost engine with a neck-breaking pace while overtaking others leaving them struggling to keep pace. The car’s diesel models are far more efficient than the petrol counterparts. There is either a 94bhp 1.6-litre TDCi or a 74bhp 1.5-litre TDCi. Ford Fiesta has a slick gearshift, great body control, and an electrically assisted weighted power steering. The remarkable suspension turns bumps and potholes into something barely noticeable. Wind and any noise are blocked by the interior insulation. You can set the car’s stereo volume, maximum speed and safety aids by use of the MyKey technology to suit inexperienced drivers. Ford Fiesta is definitely one of the few exclusive cars when you decide to purchase a super-mini.

We Buy Any Ford EcoSport

For those drivers who want an economic and environment friendly car then this Ford EcoSport is for you. It is a visual standout from every angle, inside and out. You will find the front infotainment screen is a good size and convenient to use. The price leading engine is an old-style 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol unit which has 82 kW of power and 140 Nm of torque. The Ford Australia is confident that its EcoSport will reach the maximum star rating of five. It has seven airbags, which include a knee bag for the driver; provide good protection. Handling is very competent and there is a well-built chassis balance and has a good feel through the steering. The steering is lighter than we like, but that’s probably from the point of view of us as driving enthusiasts and many may find it to their taste. It has great looks, a reasonable price and a gives of practical features creating the all-new Ford EcoSport look like being a winner in Australia.
we buy any car Sydney

We Buy Any Mitsubishi Outlander SUV 2013

The outlander now at its 3 generation, has an impressive new looks. This SUV is designed for a big family with 5 seats and extra 2 seats located at the boot. The boot space is pretty decent and huge as well even when you used the extra seats. You’ll have plenty of leg room and head room. The features involved cruise control, USB connectivity, climate control as well as Bluetooth, SAT NAV and reverse parking camera. The 4-wheel drive car is satisfying and protects you with its city crush prevention, lane departure warning system as well as adaptive cruise control. Hill-stop assist is also installed in case you need a full stop. This SUV is fuel efficient and cheaper to buy.

We Buy Any Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle design has evolved from a functionality driven origins to a cheerful face. The new Beetle from Volkswagon has a more aggressive look but still remains a Beetle. The new Volkswagen has a lower, longer and wider body that is more masculine than in the past. Beetle’s larger size has provided a more substantial interior, with a vertical windshield, and increased space at the back. The Volkswagen offer Beetle in four trim levels, the base trim is popularly known as 2.5 Litre. The top range 2.0 TSI has plenty of urgency and delivers top-notch hatch performance. The Beetle comes with two suspension set-ups, using a multilink arrangement, too help control body sway. Steering is easy to control, and the ride is firm.

We Buy Any Honda CRV

The CRV has the size and safety features for driving around town and off-road as well. It has a huge boot enough to carry all the family’s luggage. It has a decent space at the back seat and can allow four people to be seated well with plenty of leg room. It’s very comfortable at the driver’s seat with plenty of storage for your gadgets, food and drinks. Parking made easy with its reverse parking camera with parking senses that automatically signals on its own. The headlights and wipers are automatic and adjust as well. What makes it stand out is its panoramic sunroof; giving you a view of the sky, much better for star gazing. When driving the visibility is perfect giving you good looks on the road. Suspension as well as the comfort inside gives you a smooth drive. The steering is very light won’t need much effort. For your safety, it has features like lane assist and advanced stability control system. This car is very economical though not a very good off-roader, the Honda CRV is such a good choice over-all.
we buy any car in Millers Point

We Buy Any Hyundai i40 Diesel 2013

The i40 Diesel is a pretty decent car, with a design and interior that makes it looks like a more expensive car. It is very fuel efficient car allowing you to reach 100 kilometers by just consuming 5.6 liters of diesel. All models is packed with vehicle stability management, electronic stability control, traction control, ABS brakes, hill stop assist and an emergency stop assist system. Not just that, it has a 5 star NCAP rating, giving you assurance of your safety on the road. It has a pretty decent space for its passengers and a huge space at the boot for your luggage. What makes it lovely is its price, it’s very reasonable considering all the specs and features it offers.

We Buy Any Holden Cruze

Holden Cruze Z Series is available only in sedan format while the SRI-Z comes as both sedan and a hatch. Both cars include MyLink Infotainment Sytem as standard, as well as7-inch colour TV, Voice Recognition, parking sensors, reverse camera and leather seats. The SRI-Z has some additional features including satellite navigation, 18-inch alloys, pedal covers and Z-Series floor mats. Cruze gets extra points for six airbags, stablility control, anti-lock disc brakes and reverse cameras as standard safety features. The Holden Cruze boasts excellent performance, great interiors and efficient handling that make paying for this car really worth it.

We Buy Any Ford Focus Hatchback

The new Focus has been made longer than its predecessors. The leg room is good as well as the head room and when you put down the backseat; its flat allowing you to put your luggage and other things with the boot space. The wheels are adjustable giving you comfort while you drive and its handling was pretty good. When you drive along the curves, the Ford Focus gives you ease even with the high-speed ride. The car is very well insulated; you can hardly hear any noise from outside. This car is a good choice with its affordability and quality.

we buy any car Sydney and Millers Point

We Buy Any BMW 3 Series Touring Estate

The touring version of the 5th generation of the BMW 3 series is bigger; more refined and has more fuel efficient engine than the previous model. The boot is so handy; you can open the screen if you have smaller bags or full open the boot door by waving your foot under the bumper (kick-open boot system) or just simply push the button. The boot is quite bigger than it used to be and can be bigger when you fold down the back seats. The leg room and head room is spacious too, giving comfort to your passengers. The interiors were elegant using quality materials. The 3 series has a reputation on its steering, competitive suspension, and good handle on the corners. Though efficient, the Audi A4 could be better in terms of performance on the road but because of its standard equipment and premium quality makes it stand out.

We Buy Any Range Rover SUV

Some calls it the 2013 car luxury car of the year. It looks like a limo that can be brought anywhere. It has the classic look of the previous version but now made lighter and has more space for the passengers; the leg room and head room is pretty spacious. The interior was made to look too luxurious. It’s a gorgeous machine to seat-in. The features include wide screen that can be used for entertainment for your passengers, 1700 watt sound system, massage seat, automatic parking, all around camera to help you see areas around your car, and it has a panoramic sunroof! It has plenty of storage too for your food and gadgets without spoiling the design of interior; it has mini fridge as well. This Rover is good as well for carrying loads because of its huge boot and more spacious when the rear seat is down. The best thing about it is how it makes you feel like a royalty on the road. The throne like chair, proper insulation, great suspension makes you feel above any other car drivers on the road. It’s great off-road as well. It handles rough roads and terrain very fine and could move swiftly on deep watery swampy roads. It has some bad points as well, it’s a bit expensive, given that it’s a luxurious car, and you might not want it in an off-road because of the price. Its handle is decent but not the best and its size is a problem on small roads with other car. But its class, design, gadgets and the feeling in driving such a magnificent car will make you buy it.

We Buy Any 2013 Dodge Journey – SUV

The 2013 version of this car is a much better version than the first one they release on 2009. It still has a conservative looks from the outside but a decent interior. The fit and the quality of the material used in the Journey are impressive for a crossover on this price range. The best feature is the wide touch screen, it’s probably one of the best. It has some good space, very suited for a huge family on a long drive. This car is very economic if you pick its top version and had a very reasonable price as well. You can enjoy driving the best version of the Dodge on a long trip on the road.
we buy any car

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